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our promise

At eat for baby, making sure you and your growing family are healthy and happy is the reason we exist. We create organic, nutrient dense, delicious food and DIY recipes, supported by science that makes sense. Sustainability underpins everything we do. We are your partners in health, for as long, or as little as you need us.

advisory team

The eat for baby advisory team are your wise counsel for all things pregnancy. They bring experience, wisdom and cutting edge research to the table. Like a real life scientific library, their job is to help us help you. Founder, Dr Hayley Dickinson, PhD, has spent almost 20 years studying maternal and fetal health and nutrition. There is no one better placed to support you on this journey you are undertaking.

what people are saying...

 “These bites were for my wife but...they never made it to the fridge. Is that bad? Next time I’ll order two pouches.”

- Shane (#notpregnant)

what people are saying...

“Just gotta say, lemme feel well is an outstandingly awesome thing! Nourishment and then some… really epic product… smart, soulful, jam packed with goodness, supa yummy and a little sneaky coz ya know there’s a consciousness involved.”

- Glenn (keen hiker)

what people are saying...

 “Lemme bites are delicious. They taste like cheesecake.”

- Jo

what people are saying...

“So thrilled to receive my Lemme bites in the mail. Gorgeous eco packaging & divine gift of sunflower seeds!! The bites are absolutely delicious, such yummy lemon & ginger flavor."

- Marlo

what people are saying...

“Powerful afternoon slump saviour! These delicious, nutrient dense flavour bombs are exactly what any person needs. I am neither pregnant nor trying to get pregnant, but I’m busy and I’m conscious of what I eat."

- Chelsea


A choose your own adventure catalogue of science, ancient wisdom, food and pregnancy knowledge.