head shot Christie Bennett dietician
Dr Christie Bennett is an Accredited Practising Dietitian. She is a lecturer and researcher at Monash University. Her research and teaching are complemented by her clinical work in private practice. Through her work, she aims to elucidate ways to better support women before and during pregnancy and to enable optimal embryo development, pregnancy and birth outcomes.


Hannah Brown
Dr Hannah Brown is an Adelaide born and educated, internationally trained, researcher-turned-communicator who leads Storytelling, Communication and Development at the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI). Having trained and worked as an academic, she now sits at the interface between science and the public, helping to create the translational transaction through storytelling. She believes that creating clear and consistent narrative, engaging broadly with consumers, authenticity, integrity and humour are the keys to effective communication. 


Mark Green
Dr Mark Green is a Senior Lecturer in Reproductive Biology and group leader at the University of Melbourne, Australia. Dr Green’s research focuses on improving outcomes of assisted reproductive technologies (ART) by identifying how environmental endocrine disruptors, found in our households and everyday products (e.g. Bisphenol A and pesticides), as well as parental diet and light pollution, affect eggs, sperm, early embryo development and subsequent offspring health. His group also undertakes research on how maternal age and hormone stimulation regimens change the ovary.


Nicolette Hodyl
A/Professor Nicolette Hodyl is passionate about helping people and organisations improve the health of individuals and communities. She established and leads Vertex Health, a consultancy and strategic advisory platform that works with health and research organisations to enhance services and improve the impact of their health programs. Nicki’s background conducting research in both scientific and clinical environments primarily focussed on improving both pregnancy and child health.


Tim Moss
A/Professor Tim Moss is a research scientist with more than 20 years’ experience studying how pregnancy complications affect babies’ development. He’s a dedicated teacher and an international leader in his field. Tim is president elect of Perinatal Society of Australia and New Zealand (PSANZ), the countries leading research and advocacy group, dedicated to improving the health and long term outcomes for mothers and their babies.


Bev Muhlhausler
A/Professor Bev Muhlhausler is a mother of two and Research Director of the Nutrition and Health Program at CSIRO, where she leads a team of ~70 research scientists, dieticians and technicians with interests and expertise in health and nutrition. Bev is interested in developing and testing interventions to improve the long-term health outcomes of individuals who are exposed to a sub-optimal nutritional environment before birth or in early infancy.


Kirsten Palmer
Dr Kirsten Palmer is a mother of two and an obstetrician with Monash Health, specialising in the care of women and their babies during the most complex pregnancies. She also works with Monash University in training the future generation of health practitioners, while also undertaking research focused on improving outcomes for pregnant women and their babies. Her career is dedicated to helping other mum's safely through pregnancy and providing their babies with the best possible start to life.


Beverley Vollenhoven
Professor Beverley Vollenhoven is a gynaecologist with a subspecialty qualification in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility. She is head of Gynaecology at Monash Health and Professor and Deputy Head in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at Monash University. She is a clinician at Monash IVF. Beverley has spent her career trying to improve the chances of pregnancy in infertile or potentially infertile couples. In 2019, she was inducted into the Victorian Honour Roll of Women.