Our team - Hayley Dickinson

eat for baby founder, Dr Hayley Dickinson (BSc (Hons), PhD), has always pondered the questions no one has the answers to. As a medical research scientist in the field of pregnancy and women’s health, Hayley discovered many secrets about the intricate relationships between mother and baby.

Becoming a mother herself changed Hayley’s outlook. She began to ask questions about the way nutrition information was communicated to women. It was clear that optimal nutrition was critical for pregnancy success, so why wasn’t this being achieved by most women?

Hayley left her medical research career in early 2018 to make the changes she believes are critically important for women’s health. eat for baby is the result: the first range of real food products for women (and their partners) on their pregnancy journey. 

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Elly Dickinson is a mum passionate about good nutrition, happy babies, and doing what you’ve got to do to keep your body as healthy as possible. Working in a busy commercial kitchen in the years before the birth of her second child, Elly has an incredible talent for creating delicious, nutritious meals. 

Elly is an avid cake maker (and eater!) and loves to pour her creativity into making, testing, imaging, and developing beautiful recipes.

Elly has a knack for all things creative. Photography is her passion, and she is responsible for many of the images used by eat for baby, as well as ensuring our social media pages are cohesive and informative. She weaves her magic on all things visual, hoping to leave a little bit of beauty wherever she goes.

Staff Profiles - Elly Dickinson

Kendall Macdowell turns the tricky science jargon we swim in here at eat for baby into simple, accessible language we can all understand.

A Physical Education Teacher by trade, her career has seen her take up roles in Learning and Development, Organisational Systems, HR and Consulting. Most recently - her days were spent managing communications at Australia's biggest day spa, endota.

With a Bachelor's Degree in Education, a Masters in Organisation Dynamics and training in Neurolinguistic Programming and Executive Coaching, KMac (her pseudonym here at efb) is all about language and learning. As Head of Communication and Education at eat for baby, her job is to translate the hard stuff into simple stuff for you, so you can feel informed and empowered about the food choices you are making - for yourself and your family.