We almost all have gaps in our daily nutrient intake. Our busy modern lives, coupled with our changing food system mean that most of us are missing out on nutrients that are critical for our health.

pregnant elly

 eat for baby is here to make it easy for women to eat real food that will deliver the nutrients they need. Embarking on a pregnancy journey is the time when achieving good nutrition is critical. We provide convenient and delicious food, specifically targeting the nutritional requirements of women (and their partners) before, during, and after pregnancy.

Women report many barriers to healthy eating during pregnancy, including a lack of tailored dietary plan; a lack of time to make food; a lack of nutrition knowledge; and conflict between dietary advice and food preferences. Another major barrier to healthy eating is that the messages around food for pregnant women are generally negative “you can’t eat… (insert your choice of soft cheeses, processed meats and so on), and often incorrect “eat for two”. Additionally, pregnant women's needs have generally been neglected by the many convenient food options available to the rest of the population. 

eat for baby cuts through the confusion about food, nutrition and science and provides a world first range of nutrient dense real foods that help you achieve your daily nutrient requirements without the need for skills in nutrition and dietary management. Shop now.