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For Everyone - Facts on Diet

The sad truth about human reproduction.

More than 186 million people are infertile worldwide.

15 in every 100 Australian couples of reproductive age experience fertility issues.

Globally, 2.6 million babies are stillborn and 2.5 million babies die within the first month of life every year.

74 in every 10,000 births in Australia end in a stillbirth, 1 in every 137 couples that reach 20 weeks gestation will have a stillborn baby.

1 in 5 Australian women who know they are pregnant will experience a miscarriage before 20 weeks gestation.

5-10% of women suffer from endometriosis or polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). Endometriosis is the most common reason women of reproductive age in Australia are hospitalised.

Sperm counts of men have halved over the past 40 years at a rate of ~ 1.5% per year.

eat for baby was born because we know these statistics will not change unless WE ALL make changes to our lifestyles. When we do this, we start making deposits into our generational health bank, not withdrawals. We see the health of our families and our future improve. It’s up to all of us to do this.

Nutrition and reproductive health are intimately connected.

What do you think has the greatest impact on the health of mothers and babies? The answer starts way before a little life is formed. First up - egg and sperm quality top the table for THE most important factor contributing to an optimal pregnancy. This is closely followed by maternal nutrition both in the womb and after birth. So let's talk about the importance of good food for reproductive health. And help families access it.

Only 4% of Australian adults and 1% of Australian children eat the recommended dietary intake of vegetables. Take a moment to read those dreadful stats again because it’s important you don’t whiz past this. Those numbers are truly heartbreaking to us at eat for baby, as we know that making them better could dramatically improve the life long health of ALL Australians.

It is never too late to look after yourself and optimise your health. As parents-to-be and parents, the influence we have on our children's health cannot be overstated. 

The ultimate gift we offer is lifelong optimal health for them. What could be better than that?

eat for baby offers foods that are packed with nutrients to meet your needs, wherever that may be on your pregnancy journey.

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