culinary essential oils

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Are you making our bliss balls at home? Would you like easy access to the high quality food grade essential oils we use in our recipes?

Consider it done. Simply add the flavours you like to your cart and we will ship them straight to you.

We use:

Lemon in our lemme feel well bites because it provides a deliciously fresh flavour, complimenting the ginger in our bite. Combined these are perfect for the unsettled tummy and to gently warm the healing body.

Peppermint* in our hero variants because of its refreshing and invigorating notes, to really let you know you are alive!

Orange in our Jaffa Bites because we still love Jaffas, we just don't love the ingredients list! These are our just as delicious, but way more nutritious version.

You can find all of these recipes in our bliss ball recipe e-book.

* Peppermint essential oil should be used cautiously during pregnancy and breastfeeding. The menthol can be irritating to babies eyes (even in the womb), and there is anecdotal evidence that large quantities of peppermint oil can reduce milk supply. Best to save this one for him and the pre-pregnancy and post-lactation parts of your journey.


Sourcing quality essential oils can be difficult. We use and recommend young living oils because of their commitment to purity, rigorous testing of every batch of essential oils and their protection of the planet in their farming and harvesting practices.
If you'd like to buy these essential oils direct, you can sign up to young living yourself as a wholesaler (young living is a multi-level marketing company) and get a 25% of discount on retail. Following this link will mean you sign up in the same team as eat for baby.