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Trying to conceive? Already pregnant? Recently given birth?

We've created the eat for baby recipe eBook to help meet your changing nutritional needs.
Loaded with simple as pie recipes, easy to read science info to optimise your health, and a whole heap of other good stuff to support you.

Beautifully styled, this eBook makes the perfect digital gift for the planning, expecting, or new parent.

The eBook is divided into 3 sections covering each stage of the pregnancy journey:
Preconception and 1st Trimester
2nd and 3rd Trimester
During the COVID-19 lockdown, all profits from the sale of this eBook will be used to get our 'hero balls' to our healthcare and essential service workers to say thank you for protecting us.

Because we know many have been hit hard by COVID-19, we have created a discount code so you can get the eBook at a reduced price. Join our mailing list to receive the COVID-19 discount code.